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Teresa Teng (鄧 麗君) 

A famous Taiwanese singer who boomed in Japan during 70'-early '90.
She released many Japanese songs and awarded the several prizes as well.
I love her round face, sweet voice and attitude towards politics, though she passed away on May 8, 1995 at the age of 42 due to a severe asthma attack in Thailand.
Seeing the video, I feel missing her so much!
Since I have been studying Chinese lately,
I decided to memorize one of her best songs in Chinese...

Japanese title : 時の流れに身をまかせ
Chinese title: 我只在乎你

Korean @ Nishi Azabu

I organise an event called 'Girl's Night' once in a while.
It's just dining out with female friends.
The reason I started this was because women love food.
Guys really don't care what they eat, as long as they can drink.

We catch up each other when we meet up.
My friend who visited in Tokyo from Osaka for a business trip joined some times ago
and she called it ' Sex in the city' !
In a way, yes it is:D

We had dinner at Korean restaurant called 'Sonamu' in Roppongi Area,
they were on TV the day before.

Good food and pleasant staff.

I tried to speak some simple Korean language to the waiter. 'Brother' is 'Oppa' in Korean, so I called out 'Oppa!' when we need him. It's easy to remember and funny too.
And we agreed that the friendly waiter was cute in a way. I should have taken his picture, sorry!
Korean food have many beef and pork menu.
In secret, I don't eat meat so I was kind of hungry until the last though, haha.

Casual french @ Gokokuji

There are 7-8 tables, man decorated premises but cozy casual french restaurant.

What we amazed there was that only one guy worked in the store.

He cooks, serves, does everything by himself with a pleasant smile which impressed me a lot.

You have two choices between eight entrees.
I had a piece of crab quiche and grilled fish, they call it 'Poele'?

At the end we ordered assorted dessert selections which includes all kinds sweets on the menu!








I LOVE muffins!

I used to have them often when I was in Vancouver.
It is one of typical western foods for me.

It had been not easy to find good muffins in Japan but only Tokyo could make it possible!

Ben's cafe @ Takadano-baba

I stopped by Muffinaris in ShinjyukuMitsukoshi ALCOTT on the way home from Jyunkudo which is a big book shop in Shinjyuku .
I bought a blueberry crumble muffin, the dough is so tasty and blue berries are so juicy!

They also have vegetable muffins such as onion & salmon etc,
which I never tried before.
I prefer non sweet drink but for muffins, hum...



English and Japanese brains

Someone asked me if I would think Japanese first then translate it into
English in my head when I was speaking in English.
I wasn't sure either way, didn't care about it.
But slightly I'm getting realise that I have built an English brain space besides Japanese one.
It's not very big or capable as you know.

Kichijoji (吉祥寺)

In fact, the reason I write English post first here is that it's much easier and faster to think in English first then translate them into Japanese(my mother language). I can't do it in reverse. Of course the biggest reason is that there would be massive vocabularies and expressions in a native language though.

I would prefer sticking with English when I need to speak otherwise I become speechless.Inogashira Park(井の頭公園) 

I met a recruiting agent people during the past week.       
He is Japanese but speaks very fluent English as the company have many foreign staff as well as costumers.
That was first time to meet him in person after we had talked ov…

Spring Storm 春の嵐

My mother sent me a text message last night,
which said "You should go home earlier as it is going to be heavy rain".
She was right, we had a spring storm all day long.
Many people said that they broke umbrellas this morning.
By the way, Japan is the largest consumer of umbrellas in the world.

Someone said he had seen 13 broken umbrellas were in a trash can at the station on the way to work. He counted them with a sense of amusement.
(He should have taken a photo, though!)

I don't like too much winds,
but I love the word 'Spring Storm' somehow.



のを見たと話てました。(ぜひ写真を撮ってほしかった^ ^)



Lost in Translation

There are frequent questions for foreigners who visit in Japan such as
'Can you use chopsticks?' or 'Do you eat Natto?'.

And relatively one of the latest might be

'Have you ever watched Lost in Translation?'.

And interesting thing is that people who are familiar with Japan well
or live in this country for a long time didn't really like that movie.
(Including me)

I was asked by my friend why, I replied that
Sofia Coppola emphasized strange things of Japanese a little bit too much.
The Japanese hooker didn't have to be that old woman with such degrading English.
The director must have intended it to compare to the heroine who was young and a white beautiful girl.

By the way, I and my other friend went to the bar at Park Hyatto in Shinjyku to experience Lost In Translation in last January.
The hotel was splendid.

All these three picture were being taken by her camera.