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An article from Asahi news paper.

"Ourmoneycollectedfromthe poorresidents of the town, so for Japanese people, they might not be big amount. Butsomehow we want to helppeoplewhosavedus " Mayor Rico Rentuza started the foundation.Massivelandslide happened in 2006 in central Philippines Saint Bernard. Japanese government assisted reconstruction.

It was touching. So I told this to my friend.
He said that there was also fund-raising in slum area in Bangkok, too.

It makes me thankful.

Status of Use electricity

There is a display of the current electricity supply and usage on yahoo home page.
The denominator is the quantity supplied and the numerator is usage.
It is due to insufficient supply of electricity in East Japan.

Organic Creature within you

I've been working on Chinese lately.
This book is thick

Ms. Kato Romb described language as building.
For me, it's more organic creature and grows within a human.

Only if you wish to raise it, it is with you all the time.
It might be sleeping for long time though, it is with you unless you give it up.

More you spend time, it closer to you.
More you take care, it becomes smarter.

Once you have it, it will work for you until you die.

Chinese language is something like a dragon.
I feel very dragon when I study Chinese.

I'll observe for other languages.

Message Board

Clairvoyance is ability of multidimensional 'seeing' beyond five senses.

Clairaudience is ability of multidimensional 'hearing' beyond five senses.

Clairsentience is ability of multidimensional 'feeling' beyond five senses.

Claircognizance is ability of multidimensional 'knowing' beyond own knowledge.

Look upon the sky and live with it as it is a message board from something beyond us.

And the way clouds change their shapes give you a great inspiration.

Earthquake is act of God, but War is man made

Three cold days and four warm days

The word of 'Sankan Shion (三寒四温)' is used in this season.
That meaning is 'cycle of three cold days and four warm days'.
It is the word for spring not autumn.
The temperature swings wildly in spring.

We look forward to see a normal spring scene soon!

He enjoys the morning sun


We have seen empty display shelf at anywhere at shops in Tokyo since the massive earthquake happen.
Simultaneously people started to stock up on various types of foods and stuff such as bottle of water, toilet paper, batteries, disposable diapers, etc.
That is disgraceful deed.
I understand why people want to prepare more because there are still big issues which are mainly concerned from the nuclear power plants accident.
However, People in afflicted area are suffering right now.
We have to consider of them and think what we can do for them.

Today, I saw an advertisement on the way to work.

It says 'The things we can do if we share with others'.

12 roll of toilet paper for 1000 people.
10 liter of gasoline for 4 times drive ambulance
A loaf of bread for one family.
A bottle of cooking gas canister for rice for 10 people.
5 kg of rice for 120 rice ball.
A battery for Radio for 100 people.

This is the office where the ads put on.
This picture was taken long time before the earthquake happen.

Blackout Threatened

It's very cold day.
The consumption of electricity has been increasing due to heating.

There's rolling blackouts due to electricity shortages caused from Fukushima nuclear power plant accident.

TEPCO, Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc., divided Kanto region into five groups and have been carrying out stop electric power for a few hours in order.

Plan was not informed in advance, which gave people confusion.
During blackout, traffic light is out of service, there was a fatal traffic accident due to that.
My friend took a photo of drinking scene under candlelight

At the office, there was an emergency company broadcast at 4:30 pm today.

They said 'There might be unpredictable huge blackouts tonight due to lack of supply of electricity according to METI.

There will be chance of confusion of transportation therefore go home immediately'.

Trains in Tokyo running every few minutes so accurately, and if there's any unusual things such as blackout, it will be a serious confusion.

I swit…

Spiritual Beings

Our bodies are not just hunk of meat.
We are also spiritual beings.
Hence everyone has potential of inspiration.
If you have been disappointed with yourself, please stop worrying.

You are a wonderful person.

Your senses are just in rust because of no use or treatment for a long time.
If you grew up a normal family, it is natural to disregard spiritualism.

Now you are grown up, you can do what you desire.
Once you start to wake up to the truth, your soul will be shine.

Remember, our body has limitations, but the soul is eternal.

Rainbow at Chiba


Please save the accident of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima!
Lend your power to those people who are working hard on the problems at the risk of own life.
Please heal the tense situation, give them courage and show us a miracle.

Dear India #7

Pictures of the India trip.
'Sarnath' means 'Deer Park' in Sanskrit, where is located 13 km away from Varanashi, Uttar Pradesh, India.
It's one of significant place of Buddha as he first taught the Dharma.

They were on the religious pilgrimage from Sri Lanka

A beautiful mother and a girl

How adorable she is

Chinese blogger

Chinese famous blogger commented about the east Japan massive earthquakes on March 11th 2011.
He made a valuation of Japanese people and government the disasters.

Here is the link to his blog.

The general outlines are as follows.

March 11th 2011, a magnitude 8.8 earthquake hit Japan.
It was the recoded history in the country.
Afflicted areas were seriously damaged by the unprecedented earthquake disaster and being forced to recover from zero.
However, Japanese people and government attitudes and behavior were composed and responded in an orderly manner.
I recognized the high cultural standard of Japanese people.

It's caused in the following respect.
* There was no panic and the security have been well provided after the earthquakes.
* The medias have been professional and there were no unnecessarily inflames reports.
* Damage caused by shoddy construction have not been reported.
* The government's crisis management have been calm.
* The governme…


This afternoon, I saw a strange shaped clouds.
So I took a picture, wondering if they were earthquake clouds.

I thought that the Sun halo I saw the last weekend may have been precursors of earthquakes.
Seems to be a little snake or dragon

There was also talk of a nuclear accident in Fukushima prefecture where was about 300 km away from Tokyo. I was advised to be ready for escape in case of the nuclear accident.

Small shaking have been continuing, many shops were closed, no food at supermarkets or convenience stores.
I have been checking the flash news all the time, all plans were canceled.

The Chain mail of the hoax of the disaster came today.
I thought it was very silly.
It's been difficult to make calls or texts because the system gets overloaded after the quakes.
I feel it was unusual day.
It seemed everyone was a little confused. I felt a little stressed, too.


So I pick up an Oracle card and it 'compassion'.
I should forgive others including myself.

TV repeat the shock…


It seemed a regular Friday afternoon, there was a big earthquake yesterday.
For the first strong shake, the intensity was 6.
The second was a little small.
The first big swing, I was at the low floor, having a cup of tea with friend.
We were lucky.

A tea bottle overturned by shaking in the vending machine
Announcer wearing a helmet

Since train services stopped, many people walked home which took 2, 3 hours or more, however I remained the office because it was the safest place.

It was cold spring day, many people including young mothers with small children were sitting in the way because of no transportation.

Some people called out if they were ok,I gave one blanket to a young mother with baby at the station.

I was able to get home safely as Toyoko line resumed their operations at 11 o'clock in the evening.
When I got home, hot water didn't come out.
I thought the supply of gas had stopped.
So I had a cold shower but it was just locked for safety.

Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone is an ancient stela which was found in the city called Rosetta, Egypt in 1799.

At British Museum
There are written the same sentence in three ancient languages.Hence, it uses as a metaphor for decipher, translate, complicated question and significant key.
Now, It is also famous name for learning foreign language programs.

I've got a Chinese

They launched to Japan a few years ago and expanded its business quickly.
I had been browsing their website for a couple months and finally I've got them.
I think it well combines with the way of Japanese people study which usually focus on Reading and Writing not Speak or Listening.

Let's see how it works.


Ms. Lomb Kato who acquired 16 foreign languages, prefers to be called 'Linguist' to 'Polyglot'.As her definition, the former is more active learner and the latter is more passive acquire due to environment such as parents company transfer to foreign country etc. She is the former and this book is written for those people who makes effort to learn foreign languages.

At Starbucks

She says "Language is the only thing worth knowing even poorly".

It's true.
It is better to speak one phrase than nothing.

She describes each language as architecture, Russian, Chinese, Italian,,,
it's all the same, building, but different structure and style.
Also she mentions that there is a common rule, every architecture needs framework , grammar, and four rooms as below.

1. Speak
2. Listening
3. Writing
4. Reading

Creation is your duty

This blog has been too spontaneous, so I regretted as a 'cafe' owner and decided to post "each day" for a while.
Early cherry blossom called Kawazu Zakura

I have been into too many things these months such as traveling, bellydancing, golf, study computers, foreign languages, bookkeeping, spiritualism...
And yet all of them are active!
So I have to create writing time between whiles.
A few days past from new moon

From the book 'The artist way' by Julia Cameron

We are, ourselves, creations.
And we, in turn, are meant to continue creativity by being creative ourselves.

The Rainbow Around the Sun

It was a sunny weekend and I saw the rainbow around the Sun by chance.
Principally, it is predictive rain as this phenomenon is caused by sunlight reflection by clouds.
It is called 'Hino-kasa' in Japanese, which means 'Sun Umbrella'.
In Buddhism, it predicts good luck.

This photo is borrowed from the Internet, the clouds looks like a hand of Dragon