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Some Shrines

I really had a busy December. Work was busy, one of my friend visited Japan from overseas, and my bellydance class had a show at Roppongi for its students……But all hectic days are gone now and I’m having relaxed holiday at home here in Okayama.
I’ve got some pictures but didn’t have time for writing! So I’ll post as much as I can during the holiday..

Kibitsu Shrine (Okayama)

Kibitsu Shrine (Okayama)

Today I went to Kibitsu Shrine with my mother and had a coffee and snacks in the precincts. In Shinto religion, we have thousands of variety gods in every where, even in a toilet. But I first time knew that there was a god of the moment. We are going to see off the god of 2008, and welcoming the god of 2009. That’s the reason we go to Shrine in the beginning of the year.

Togakushi Shrine (Nagano)

It's very sacred mountain that has five shrines..

It was snowing in the top of mountain in end of November.

This is my recommendation to visit if you have chance.

It has a lot of power as well as histo…