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Dear India #6

I'm organizing diaries from India Trip, and found story about my guide.
He's from Rajasthan and his tribe take care of trees and animals.He told me a story about a woman who breast-fed to a kid goat for six months and
363 people death because of protecting trees.


And then I worked with a calculator.
363 is multiple number of 33 again.

Pictures are from Rajigir

Learn foreign languages like Schliemann

This year is going and the new year is coming.
What have you done and what would you like to do?
My interest led me to so many things besides learning languages.
Right now, I'm writing this blog with listening Hindi, so I'm kind of back.
The reason I started this blog was developing English brain within me.
Although I have been lazy, it still exists.

Today, I read about how Schliemann acquired foreign languages.

1. Read out a lot
2. Don't translate
3. Study at least one hour everyday
4. Write often
5. Have composition corrected by a teacher
6. Memorize the correction

Also read about Lomb Kato who was born in Hungary and able to speak many languages fluently including Japanese and Chinese.

She learned those languages by her self, staying at her country.

In her conviction, the stronger the motivation is within us, and the more we can put aside inhibition, the sooner we can take possession of the language.

In my conviction, the good thing about learning foreign languages is not requiring …

Dear India #5

Nalanda University is located in Bihar, about 90km south east of Patna.
It is one of great historic buildings, which was built much earlier than the 5th century A.D.

'Nalam' means Lotus, which imply 'Knowledge' and 'Da' means to give.
Nalanda University means the place giving Knowledge.

It used to be a flourishing residential university with over 10, 000 students and 1500 teachers.
Its importance as a monastic university continued until the end of the 12th century.

Dear India #4

It was 8 days trip and I took 990 photos.
And I just realized that 990 was multiple number of 33.
You might know that the number 33 has special meaning in the spiritual view.

We flew from Delhi to Patna by Air India craft.
Taking photos were forbidden at the inside of the Air Port because there was a military base near by.
We often faced such issues the trip.

Departure at Delhi domestic air port
View of Patna city
On the way of driving to Bihar
Getting local sight
Saree is the one of the most beautiful cloths in the world
View from a car
We went through town
When we got of the car to see the river, family got together to see us

I see many man dates
Horse-drawn carriage

Dear India #3

To go to India was one of my big dreams.It came true, suddenly, everything went so smooth.At Delhi international air port
The way to Hotel from Airport
Stayed at Radisson hotel
Cute front deskBeautiful flight attendant
View from window
Bath room
Bed RoomPicture at wall
Light on the desk and welcome flower

Dear India #2

This year, on some sunny Autumn day, I first time to flew to Delhi from Narita Air Port.
Lounge at Narita Air Port

Automatic beer server machine
Air India boeing 777-200
Flight attendance wears Saree
Mt. Fuji from Air plane
Mt. Fuji
Light Vegetarian meal
Vegetarian meal
About 8-9 hours flight, from Narita to Delhi View of Delhi City