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Happy New Year 13!

Happy new year!

In Algeria

Sweltering heatofthe desert,humidjungle,freezingice the land ofanylimiton the earth,the company'semployeesare working.

Approximately 10% of 2,000 employees of this Japanese company are working at overseas plant sites and most of them are called danger zone, where we could not even imagine.

Inamenasuin Algeria,wasone of them.

Why they work at such a danger place?
"Because there are resources."

Employees of the company  stationed in risk preparedness.

Many governments of developing countries bring impressive credentials to the company named Nikki, because they raise local young people who bear the future of the countries by throughout the project.
Many countries are suffering from weaknesses built into technology even there are resources.

It might have been a teacher who died in the terrorist attacks and may have been  the students who survived.

The most difficulty of those expatriates who live away from home said "lonely" instead of "danger".
The rema…