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A little belated posting.
Picture of Sakura from this April.

This year is strange, I mean, last year was strange because of earth quick, though.
Many things are moving rapidly and strongly these days.
I broke my cups and glass last a couple week,
they were never broken before(of cause that's why they were existing..).

I was transferred to a new position at the company in March, which requires me to use English more and study new things,
two of my friends told me that they lost jobs in this month,
my mother has moved into Osaka and started her new life,
one of my closest friend lost one hundred million yen,
other friend found a new love after long blanks and thank to me for lots of spiritual teaching. I get this kind of comments more often lately, though I kind of keep distance from people...
And the things not directly related to myself..there was solar eclipse in the last month, Japanese cult group last fugitive criminal was just arrested yesterday after 17 year of running away …