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To Lhasa

Flying from Narita (Tokyo) to Beijing is about three and half hours,
and domestic flights to Xianing from Beijing about two hours,
then take train 25 hours to Lhasa, Tibet..

Lobby at hotel in BeijingRoom
Domestic flight to Xining
Almost destination

Ta'er (Kumbum Monastery)Interesting temple, but photos are prohibit inside
Prayer Wheel
Tibetan are more like Japanese

Xining Station
Inside Station

Angels in Miami

12 hours flight Haneda (Tokyo) to Detroit and 3 hours Detroit to Miami.
It was a long trip but I didn't sleep on the air plan.
I watched many movies while people were sleeping..
It was the cause of jet lag..

I liked sky was so blue
And there were many clouds
As if they were welcoming.. They seemed like angels..
I'd like to go world cruise
Miami beach
Water was clear
Miami cat, he seemed JapaneseSouvenirs..
There is no Reese's in Japan
We can buy them in Thailand, Hong Kong but never in Japan