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Keyaki Cafe @ Nakameguro

Keyaki means zelkova tree in Japanese.Cafe is everywhere in Tokyo, which I love.
I had quiche lunch, and it was really good.
However, quiche is high in calories.
Wheat flour and butter are fattening combination.
Carbohydrate plus Oil makes you fat.
Also I just read that there are three bad combination, which are all start with 'A' in Japanese.
Amai mono(Something sweet), Abura (Oil), and Alcohol.
If you really want to eat them, please pick only one, not to mix them on the same day (or meal).
It was really delicious..

I miss non-nutritive foods.

..Really good (single-lens reflex version apps of iphone)

Sora (Sky) ga (is) Kirei(Beautiful)

It was windy day, which was a collaboration of typhoon and rainy season front.
I enjoyed clouds were so big and changed their shapes quickly.

I've been anxious, easy to depress or angry after the earth quake.
However there seems a sign of recovery.

My worries come from inside of myself.
And only I can change them into other factors.

Photo at Meguro riverSoon it's getting dark and ....

Talk about Aura

Aura is spiritual energy that looks like covering our body.
It radiates different colors.
They have profound implications just as we all are complex, mystic and deep beings.
It is common to talk about aura colors, but it is just one of elements.
Color is just uniqueness.
There are more other parts, clarity, brightness, contrast, texture, shape, and intensity of light emitted.These elements are part of something very profound. For the sake of clarity, roughly speaking, an aura, a light that surrounds the entire body, especially around the head and aura is the essence of the person and personality, emotional behavior, or without stress and, spiritual and mental, and psychological state, shows up.

People often describe a person with a strong presence or the charismatic person as "there is an aura," but in fact, everyone has an aura, without aura, it does not exist.

It is more important to maintain beautiful aura.
But how?
As it just said, aura shows inside of us, personality, it rec…


AftertheearthquakeofMarch 11,it seems like more peoplehavehealth or other problems.
In fact,Ibecameveryeasilyfrustrated.

Someone said,thesplits who had been slept or trapped in to ground seems to come out on the earth.

The good way to keep away from having influencing them is the salt.
Have pinch ofsalt inthebath, or put themonthe headwhen you have a shower.

Photo from Tibet museum (This is a God, maybe)


Picture of nails.

Soft gel nail is more popular in Japan.
Somehow, in the US, or Hong Kong, they like more hard one.
It last more than three weeks.
So I often have that before I go overseas.
Girls I encounter in Tibet and Buddha gaya liked my nails.
I wonder if I could start business for them.