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Mother and Daughter2

Of course all mother and daughter relationship is not good one. My mother and her mother who is my grand mother is tough one. They are reincarnation of rivals. Their lesson for this life time is to make up with each other. It seems difficult this time though....
Breakfast at Temple at Koya-san

Yasmin was found!

A Black cat, Yasmin, had been missing, and she was on the poster. When she was found, the cat owner announced by the same way and picture as searching and thanked to people.
 Yasmin was found!
I should have taken a picture of searching version as well.

Mother and Daughter

The happiest couple on earth,  is mother and daughter.
My mother had me when she was 21 year old. Now we are living separetly,  she is in Osaka, I'm in Tokyo, but we see often in our hometown or travel not far away city together. 
When I see mom & daughter couple on the street, I speak to myself 'What a peaceful scene.'
They release a good vibration around them.

Legend art cappuccino at Izumo Taisha in Shimane

Here is a story.
We used to be Soldiers at Roman times. Not a high class but lower ones who must go to the front at fighting.
Eulalius and I, Boniface were orphans. He was 8 years older than me.  We were lonely existence but loved each other and were happy.
Eventually people were getting to notice about us and making fun of it. We were hesitate to even talk in front of people. Because they went over react on it. Not such freedom was forgiven.
I just loved to talk with him. 
One day I made some silly mistake and was accused by superior. Eulalius protected me but it brought the superio…

My word 2

I know it was too abstracted. Because I had to leave the coffee shop, Starbucks, they close at 8 pm on Sunday. Now I'm coming back, it is a Sunday night again.
Tea at Kyoto
I was a child with  few words. Because I believed adults understood me without telling.
And now, still the same belief, the God knows everything and the truth is proven. I try to be objective and that has been more important to me.
So, I look for a similar opinion by googling, and if I found one, I convince myself I was right.
So I became more speechless.
But this dream, a female ghost.
She was crying. She had regrets.
I was telling her what more important is to express with your word.
Don't care about consideration.
Express in own words.