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A pair of Buddhas

I got this pottery figurine of Buddha from a friend of mine, which are a pair of Buddhas that he had owned for himself. He gave one of them to me as a gift recently.
And I like this very much, but at the same time, I worry to have this in my room as I'm a bit superstition person.

Usually human figure is no good, especially if someone owned it once, you shouldn't take over it.
Because it contains previous person's fortunes etc.
I consulted my fortuneteller, she suggested I should definitely throw it away when I move out from current place.

So I'm thinking of telling this to my friend who gave me that Buddha honestly,
because it's a pair thing.

But I'm concern if it sounds offensive to him.
Because I really appreciate that gift.
If possible I want to own it for long time.

I don't know how much you are religious, but what is the best option?

1) Hold the Buddha without caring.
2) Tell him what I told here and consult whether I throw it away or give it back to him.
3) Throw …