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Something Sticky

Something easy to stick is mind. Since we have been looking for a counterpart who got separated before we born, tend to have illusion that there is something brilliant outside not thinking it might be inner self.
And even it is not what you are looking for, you might stay there for a while to rest wings.

Guinevere and King Arthur
Then one day,  you come up with insufficient, go crazy and start to break a thing.

Red umbrella in the city

Vegetarian Lunch box

Fortune telling with tarot cards

Second Best?

It's a thanksgiving day, which is a holiday in Japan.
Beaujolais nouveau of the year is released on third Thursday of November

Cheese is a good friend of wine, first time to cook macaroni and cheese
100g of macaroni and variety kind of cheese including cheddar, sliced onion, nutmeg,  fresh herbs, milk and bread crumbs on top Taste of home cooking? We call it 'Ofukuro no aji' (Mums food taste)
Walking in Kappa-bashi to find kitchenware

And found a beautiful Miso-soup bowl

While I was drinking Beaujolais nouveau on the Thursday night, I remembered the voice recode that was from a Japanese counselor lady who was living in the UK. She does the business on the internet and I purchased it in 2012.
She read my email and did remote reading and replied in the voice message.
It was easy to find the file in my PC so I listened to it after a long time.
I found it that there are not much changed since then. She mentioned my aura was hazy because I was not living as a best but the second.
But what is w…