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Showing posts from March, 2010

Rice cracker

My coworkers eat rice crackers at their desk.
I don't do that at the office, because it's crunchy.
But I'm inspired by them so feel like eating at home sometimes, which is no good for dieting though.Today, after taking a golf lesson,
I bought some of can beer and snacks at supermarket.
The cashier saw my basket and asked 'drinking beer eating rice crackers?'
I answered 'That's the best Saturday, isn't it.'
Cherry blossom season is starting now.
Creamed crab croquette, fish fries, clams and strawberries.
I don't drink when I write, so I'm not drinking yet.

Power Stone Bracelet

Power Stones are something that make me feel good, balanced and clear-sighted.
However they need clarification otherwise the stones lose their energies.I made these earrings and colorful bracelet today.
This shop let us try Oring test, which is a part of kinesiology, and sell the stones only if they fit the customers.
Prices are inexpensive, and they don't sell if the customers fingers are open ( that means those stones are not fit to that person).

I also brought other bracelets to check that I just jointed this morning after clarification by putting in water over night.
My fingers were really tight when they checked with Oring test, which also made me happy.