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Starbucks vs Vegetarian

I lhave lunch at Starbucks recently.
The food are a little costly though they have atmosphere and staff are pleasant which I like.
However they don't prepare food for vegetarians. All sandwich contains meat. It might be only in Japan. I'll check out in my next trip.

Steamed milk, cinnamon roll and raspberry yogurt

Oslo Cafe

Just like the name implies, it is a North European style cafe.

They make aero press coffee that uses the power of air.
Coffee taste is strong but also very mild.

@ Gotanda
They open from 7am.

The art of Buddha

The Spring came. New Haruki Murakami book is coming next month. The picture below is the Art of Ikuo Hirayama who is a Japanese artist and past away in 2009. He was influenced by Buddhism and left the beautiful and peaceful works related to Buddha's life.  This picture shows the conception of Buddha.  It was said, Maaya, the mother of Buddha dreamed of white elephant when she got pregnant.


Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.
Those simple mantra sounded out repeatedly.

I'm sorry.
Please forgive me.
I love you.
Thank you.

It heals and cleanses yourself and the situation as well as karma.

I like saying this while I'm relaxed in a bath since there is not much other activities.
It is simple, yet powerful.
Thank you is a good word.
It has the best vibration.
When you learn other language, it comes first to remember, isn't it.
Kamsa hamnida-Korean
Xie xie-Chinese
etc, etc.

Forgiveness is tough one, isn't it.
You might think, why I have to forgive? He did this, she said that, they hurt me...
It much easier to release those feelings than carrying them forever.
It is as muscular training. You get loads to increase your power and energy.
Those events are past and only yourself are present.
Forgiveness is an essence of love.
And we all are creature …

Girls' day

Hina-matsuri refers to Doll Festival is held on March 3.
It is a day for girls. It is a custom to have own set of dolls if there is a girl in the family. We display them at home.
This is an event that the dolls are displayed outside.

Angel wing

My bracelet has been reformed.
There is an angel wing this time.
According to the shop staff, those people who chose them wish freedom.

What do you want to be free from?

St. Patric day

It was chilly weekend.
We cleaned up street in Omotesando where the parade for st. Patric will be taken place.

I'm joining the parade this year.

I'm lucky

Let's say 'I'm lucky' 10 times.

Valentines day

Happy Valentines day!

Brush your intuition

Using the intuition and guesswork are very different thing.As its name suggests, sixth sense goes after fifth.  Fifth sense is actual sense that refers to"smell", "taste", "tactile", "hearing" and "vision".
On the other hand, sixth sense is "inspiration" or "precognition" and it is something can't explain.

Anyone should have an experience that when follow inner voice, as result turns out good.
But it is not only lucky, it is also based on day-to-day work.

The fire

The fire lit within you.
It is fire of creativity.
It wants to make appearance otherwise you feel missing something in the life. Because the fire remains
smolder inside no matter what you are thinking.

Le Petit Prince

I don't know any French though,
I love this story and like to write in French.
It is same as Sutras, makes me calm and happy.

You can download PDF from following link.


Kobe is located in Hyogo prefecture which is between Osaka and Okayama.
It was once the capital of Japan in 1180.
It lasted only 5 months.

Ikuta shrine, somehow the guardian lion dogs in this place are manly.

Turkish apple tea for lunch in Turkish restaurant.

I asked if they could make pizza without meat, though the lady said surprisingly that they were supposed to be provided together.
And she added,
it was a rule.

The shop wasn't busy at all.
You may say the foods are already mixed so it is not easy, etc. Then I wouldn't mind.
But I wonder what rule are they.
She just made it for herself and it symbolized her narrow world.
She may be right but not nice.

So I ordered just cheese salads and the apple tea.

But I also wonder I had unpleasant event today it is because I, too, have some persisted ideas in somewhere so this may give notice that.

More blog and I'm now in Osaka

The one I posted by my iPhone using Blogger app looks ok as well as the picture.
How convenient it is!

Now I'm at Tully's coffee in Osaka and waiting for a bus.
Now I can tell more specific about my life, can't I?

Battery runs so fast.
I love this place.

My new nail.

I took the earliest morning air plain from Tokyo. Mt Fuji from the craft.

Blogger app

Blogger app is installed in my iPhone.
So hopefully I can write and post more often.

This is a first try..,
Let's see what it appears...

Happy New Year 13!

Happy new year!

In Algeria

Sweltering heatofthe desert,humidjungle,freezingice the land ofanylimiton the earth,the company'semployeesare working.

Approximately 10% of 2,000 employees of this Japanese company are working at overseas plant sites and most of them are called danger zone, where we could not even imagine.

Inamenasuin Algeria,wasone of them.

Why they work at such a danger place?
"Because there are resources."

Employees of the company  stationed in risk preparedness.

Many governments of developing countries bring impressive credentials to the company named Nikki, because they raise local young people who bear the future of the countries by throughout the project.
Many countries are suffering from weaknesses built into technology even there are resources.

It might have been a teacher who died in the terrorist attacks and may have been  the students who survived.

The most difficulty of those expatriates who live away from home said "lonely" instead of "danger".
The rema…