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December 2012

I bought schedule books for 2013.  One is for work, one is for private. I have used i-phone for private schedule.  The one I got was designed as one page for a day so that you can spend a day more creative!
I'll post the notes sometimes soon. This Shinkansen goes to North Japan.

Cat & Cane

When I was practicing cane dance in the park in the early morning, the black cat came to see the dance.
I started to drink hot water again.
Hot water can be medicine, cold water can be poison.
I had forgotten that  because this summer was really hot
and I had a lot of iced coffee.
Now my body is not really good condition, I wonder that it is one of reasons.

Make your body healthy as much as possible to achieve your goal.

Salt Shrine

'Shio-gama Jinjya' is shrineof thesaltthat hasthe mostpurifying salt in Japan. There are some way to climb, the most powerful visit is going by the main gate called 'Otoko-zaka' which means 'man slope'. The picture below is Otoko-zaka. I didn't find woman slope in the map though.
It was a sunny spot.
According to the book, this step purifies all your bad luck in the past and give a new luck...

Shishi-mai looks solemn.
It looks like there are salt on the steps.

How the effect of this shrine?
I could wake up early next morning and am writing my blog after long period.

This shrine is located in Miyagi prefecture where is the one of affected areas of 311 Earthquake & Tsunami.


Thoughts that I shouldn't speak out are almost going to spill over.
It lives within me without even noticing.

Favorite colors

What is your favorite color? Red has been the most favorite color in my life. I used to like green, too, so it was like christmas. But now white, yellow and blue are added.
Red is the strongest color to make me aggressive. So it gives power and motivation. But I avoid it when I feel too aggressive.
Blue comes opposite, it cools people.
Yellow is color to cheer. It makes people happy and friendly. It also concerns money and career.
And white makes me purify to close to higher spiritual wave.

Color powers are truly great.
It works.
I consider it when I chose nail color, cloths, etc.

Feel the difference of colors next time.


I have made home page for my friend for a first try.
It was a homework of summer holiday.
I didn't do any special things other than that.


Holiday is over. I came back to Tokyo. This summer is very very hot.  When Japanese people say 'very', it is pronounced 'belly',  and I often say 'belly' for belly dancing.  It is unvoiced thought though.


Communication beyond the use of words using telepathy can also be possible.

Tea Time @ Ise

Japanese tea and bean jam cake at Ise shrine. Your thoughts, words and attitudes may cause of peace for the world.

Sky of Ise

It will be very hot tomorrow.
I drink iced coffee every day in this summer.

During the night

Peter pan comes to play with kids Cats meet together to talk about we don't know

You make music to the goddess

I dance to become a light

Guide me

To the most appropriate direction,
what the purpose of the soul.


Because it is a holiday,
I sleep,
sleeping to dream.

You would be there,
there to talk,
talk with me.

In a real life,
you are always with someone,
so am I.

Make myself look happy,
to protect from anyone seeing my mind.

Search you,
in without being noticed by anyone.

In a dream,
I can fly,
flying high.

In a dream,
I see the ocean.
It is so blue, so clear and so beautiful.

When I awoke,
remembering the aqua and that you were there with me.

Summer colors

Bright blue morning glory

Glittering colorful nails
White form beer
   Pink sunset in half light sky

Tarot workbook

Sometimes I play tarot.

Last Friday, I and two of my company friends held 'Joshi-kai', which means girls party. Joshi is girl and kai is party or meeting. It is not proper to say joshi for adult people because it means girls however that word is often used now days.

Three of us are quite close at the company and we like witch talks.
lucky me to have them!

Anyway, I'm the most person who brings thees kind of topics.
I brought tarot and and also taught them fortune‐telling coins.
It was a great stress-relieving for them.

Fortune telling is not just knowing yourself or future, it is a tool to find or even create better future.

And next morning, I saw a tarot workbook ad on the news paper.
It is written by American lady and the Japanese translated version is just released and introduced.
When I went to book shop, the book was laid out flat.
So I bought one.

Thing is always supported by a timing.


A little belated posting.
Picture of Sakura from this April.

This year is strange, I mean, last year was strange because of earth quick, though.
Many things are moving rapidly and strongly these days.
I broke my cups and glass last a couple week,
they were never broken before(of cause that's why they were existing..).

I was transferred to a new position at the company in March, which requires me to use English more and study new things,
two of my friends told me that they lost jobs in this month,
my mother has moved into Osaka and started her new life,
one of my closest friend lost one hundred million yen,
other friend found a new love after long blanks and thank to me for lots of spiritual teaching. I get this kind of comments more often lately, though I kind of keep distance from people...
And the things not directly related to myself..there was solar eclipse in the last month, Japanese cult group last fugitive criminal was just arrested yesterday after 17 year of running away …

Quote : Le Petit Prince

On ne voit bien qu'avec le cœur.
L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.
One sees clearly only with the heart.
What is essential is invisible to the eye.