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Love Tokyo

Tokyo is such a cool place to live.I had been wanting to live in abroad until I moved here.But I kind of fell in love with this city because of many reasons.Today, I read an article in News Week which was written by a French Journalist.He says the administrators of Tokyo or Japan are not good at appealing their city towards world.That's why Osaka was defeated by Beijing to Host the 2008 Olympic. Cafe broom & bloom @ Musashi Koganei Now Tokyo is bidding on hosting 2016 Olympic games with its rival Chicago, Madrid and Riode Janeiro. (Many people in Tokyo are not really interested in having the games, though.)The problem is not only our lack of appealing skills, but also the unpopularity of Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara by some countries such as France, China and Korea because of his controversial remarks in the past.

Vegetarian Sandwich set

Anyway, this French guy says it is a good sign to foreigners who live in Tokyo. The open secret which is shared by them is no longer come…

Power Spot in Tokyo #1 Imperial Palace

There are places called 'Power Spot' where people feel energy, become comfortable or so on when they visit there. It is also called 'Spiritual Spot' or 'Healing Spot'.
The famous ones in Japan are Mt. Fuji and Ise-Shrine, and in the world wide, there are MachuPicchu, Hawaiian island, etc.

Tokyo has such places as well, the land itself has a power.
So people tend to go there and hang around or even build up shrine or castle.

Roppongi (the street in front of Almond) , Ginza (Miyuki Street), Meiji Shrine, etc, etc.
It depends upon the individual person how you feel from those places.
You might feel just tiredness or nothing from some power spots.
It's different for different people, the feeling might change from person to person.

Anyway, it's often said that Imperial palace is #1 power spot in Tokyo.
Luckily anyone can go there and even get a free-rental bike on Sundays!

I walked back from the office to Tokyo Station yesterday which took about 30 minutes.
I became en…

Asian thoughts

At lunch time, I went out with my company friends, one is French who married an European woman and the other guy who’s from Singapore and is still single. Three of us are about the same age, those two guys are the same year born.The French guy asked the Singaporean if he was going to get marry and he wanted to have own kids.
The Asian guy answered “Not in this life”.

It’s not surprising to me, I know many guys who have the   same idea,
but I liked the way of he talks, “Not in this life” it was said as if there was another life time from the same person, which is called reincarnation, very Buddhism, and very Asian.

It was the coolest answer to this kind of question, don't you think?

1974 produced wine at some weekend home party.