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Tarot workbook

Sometimes I play tarot.

Last Friday, I and two of my company friends held 'Joshi-kai', which means girls party. Joshi is girl and kai is party or meeting. It is not proper to say joshi for adult people because it means girls however that word is often used now days.

Three of us are quite close at the company and we like witch talks.
lucky me to have them!

Anyway, I'm the most person who brings thees kind of topics.
I brought tarot and and also taught them fortune‐telling coins.
It was a great stress-relieving for them.

Fortune telling is not just knowing yourself or future, it is a tool to find or even create better future.

And next morning, I saw a tarot workbook ad on the news paper.
It is written by American lady and the Japanese translated version is just released and introduced.
When I went to book shop, the book was laid out flat.
So I bought one.

Thing is always supported by a timing.