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Happy Valentine's Day!

A Chocolate box produced by Ecole Criollo which is patisserie shop in Tokyo.
In this box, each chocolate is designed and based on a piece of cake at the shop.
*Petits Gateaux*
Cafe Praline Noisette
Coq Rouge
Mont Blanc

Now, I must try out the originals!

Comfortable bed

Money is energy and it is a gift from God.
How are you treating them well?
They are circulating in this world and would like to gather with similar nature just like human.
When you are letting them go, thank them!
And when you are receiving them, appreciate their coming!

Also the important thing is to review your wallet.
Is it clean and comfortable as if it is a five stars hotel?

Here are some tales concerning the wallet and money.
*It is better not to bend the bills, keep them straighten.
*The operating life of the wallet is approximately 2-3 years.
*Thus, you don't have to get a expensive ones, it is important to suit your budget otherwise it kills the balance.
*As the money have the nature of gathering, it is also good way to get the wallet from someone who is richer than you. You can ask that person to shop the wallet with your own money.
*When you get the new wallet, put some bills for a few days so that the wallet remembers its capacity!

As for the color, the black keeps your economic f…

Far Away

Angels come around you whenever you call them.

Also when you listen to good musics, they'd like to gather and stay with you.
My friend tells me that 'Far away' by Libera is good one.
So I've gotten it and am listening while I'm writing this blog.
A morning star and moon shot as of Feb 1 2011