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-The book is a structure- Walter Crane

The 19th-centry English illustrator Walter Crane  (15 August 1845 – 14 March 1915) was one of the first artists to produce illustrations for full-color "toy books".

 "The book is a structure," he emphasized the importance of designing book.

"This beautiful house is a structure of lines and colors," Crane often compared books to buildings. 

He was particular about the design of entire page, and the illustration artist's arm was not one illustration, but the spread page itself as well as the book itself. Think of it as an architect who designed a house, considering the overall balance of the two-page spread by the power of design.

Crane was concerned with the formative beauty and decorative nature which the document originally had. That beautify the page, cooperation and harmonious collaboration of harmony in the perfection of the illustrator decorator what is was thought to produce a beautiful book.
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Folding Keyboard Ryudo

Today is Aquarius new moon.
Write down 10 wishes on the paper or note.
Handwriting is key.

This is folding keyboard, the maker is Ryudo. I was interested, but hadn't had long years. Because I have laptop. But we don't bring computers daily, do we?
So I started to think, if I had that, I might write more often... Before buying it, I investigated which keyboard was the best as there were so many kinds.
First of all, It has to be light, otherwise, it will stay at home.
And thought of the place where I mostly would use... it would be on a train, not a cafe as I commute long hours every day.
So it has to be small and quiet.  I don't want to bother others.
If I use a keyboard on my bag when I seat, my iPhone needs to place to stand, Ryudo is compact, ideal typing and has a stand. It's not very strong but enough to hold my iPhone 7 plus.
One thing I cared was that Ryudo was battery powered not chargeable. So I looked over all other keyboard, but still Ryudo seemed desirable.
It was good buy.

Time Management

We all have the same problem, how to manage the time. The world is getting busier and busier especially after IT revolution,  it's expanding day by day and year by year.
Now people are going to live in Mars? It sounds crazy, but think about it as option. Life would be fun if you have more options.
When we pay attention to many things, our mind getting busy as well. Some people might stop thinking because they can not handle it.
But I can't stop it now,  we should watch carefully the world.
It would be better world if it was watched by people who are caring.
Recently I started to make a list for weekend. At work, I have been doing it for long time and it works. So I make a to do list for weekend too.
When we have too many things to do, we tend to spend time on unnecessary things, don't we? So making list is something as making a frame. Frame that decorates our dream.

A little progress with skin color from the last week

Coloring skin with pencils

Fortunately had a long weekend again.
I took three paid-offs in September, since we have every weekend off, 
I worked less than two of third in a month and left were my holidays,  
which allowed me to post more blogs.

This is very nice, thank to a holiday god.

Lunch hour @ curry shop in Nakameguro
Many Japanese people love curry.
There is clearly distinct between Japanese and Indian curry. But not worry, we love both. Both are popular.
This is Japanese curry, however not usual one. It a vegetarian with avocado topping and rice is type of mixture of 16 different kinds of cereals, which is popular by health conscious person.
Call it 16 Kokumai

I tried to draw Daenerys Targaryen from Game of thrones with coloring pencils @ art class.

My teacher says not start with a skin color on white paper.
It is same as drawing, we have to start with shadow first.

This is my teacher colored It sounds crazy. Looks like aline.
Give it a try.

My work, ended with only shadow. Skin part will be next week.

I can't wait til…

Watch the World Carefully

Creativity is for everyone.
You don't have to be extreme.

Creativity is everywhere.
If you watch the world carefully, you notice somewhere, something missing a little bit.
You would think what can be fit there,
and try to put things and do the arrangement.

That is creativity.

It is simple those who carries on living diligently.

I often see rep digits when I finished writing.

Angels are encouraging you by showing this kind of sings.
When you see such numbers, 111, 222, etc, you can count that is an angel message.

Night scene at Nakameguro

Tokyo Day & Night

The front of the Shinjuku station had changed a bit.
It's been quite sometime since I came here last time.
It had been under construction for long time.

We went to a popular pizzeria, 800 degrees pizza on Friday night. 

They came from L.A.
Friday night + Pizza = Perfect

Fromage Pizza A Big Pear from Atsugi city
It's a holiday in Japan today.

Had lunch @ Yui Ann in Meouro Gajo en

The food was good
We went to cafe after lunch and I read tarot for one of my friends.
That was thrilling.

And then, I finished drawing of the plaster figure of cupid
Things are going smoothly when I don't mean it.

Construction @ Shibuya
Tokyo is changing.
I'd love you after that, maybe.

Soba is a revival food

There is one thing I forgot to upload in the post of "Togakushi Shraine"
A picture of Soba, please enjoy Togakushi Soba when you visit there.
It's 100% vegetarian, and they are local prodcution.

A new cafe is open in my neighborhood.
The name is 'Kamino-Coffee', in English, it is 'God's Coffee'.

It looks gorgeous doesn't it.

But I haven't been there yet.
I just passed by, will try next time.