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We can hardly talk about art from the moral point of view.

Let myself in a lonely place and only when I face the truth in the solitary time,
I can reach the unseen, which brings inspirations.


I'm thinking of taking Reiki sessions, hopefully in this summer.
Because I just got to know that it worked as a barrier from other persons negative energies.
I thought it couldn't help receiving them unless I stop caring of others.
But since I set my goals, one of which is that I'd like to make the world better place by giving my attentions towards people.

I was protecting myself from these negative energies by meditations and power stones but never had an idea about Reiki.
But just yesterday, one lady told me how efficient it is.
And further I study, the more I'm interested.
Those ideas may appear erratic though I thought you could understand.

Channeling Arts

I had a spiritual session yesterday.
This is called a channeling art that the painter drew for me.
According to them, I have so much power, however I suppress it under morality.
So I have a sun, but it's crying. Those radial rays shows my powers.
As for the orange picture, I think of the balance both delivering children (small dots) and the other things that important to me (big circle) with eating oranges.
(I often eat orange at lunch time.)
The bottom circle means morality, if I disregard it, I can gain both.The dews surrounding teas show benefits and happiness to people,
I should take off the brake for that.

The purple screw on the right side means the power of the universe.
I want to connect, receive and spread it to this world through me.
The blue lines show male sex and the pink ones are female.
I'm the neutral.

The white papers, I should write, think, and appreciate arts.

I asked her where my partner is, as it seems too independent.
She told me that I put it on the fridge.

I surpri…