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Watch the World Carefully

Creativity is for everyone.
You don't have to be extreme.

Creativity is everywhere.
If you watch the world carefully, you notice somewhere, something missing a little bit.
You would think what can be fit there,
and try to put things and do the arrangement.

That is creativity.

It is simple those who carries on living diligently.

I often see rep digits when I finished writing.

Angels are encouraging you by showing this kind of sings.
When you see such numbers, 111, 222, etc, you can count that is an angel message.

Night scene at Nakameguro

Tokyo Day & Night

The front of the Shinjuku station had changed a bit.
It's been quite sometime since I came here last time.
It had been under construction for long time.

We went to a popular pizzeria, 800 degrees pizza on Friday night. 

They came from L.A.
Friday night + Pizza = Perfect

Fromage Pizza A Big Pear from Atsugi city
It's a holiday in Japan today.

Had lunch @ Yui Ann in Meouro Gajo en

The food was good
We went to cafe after lunch and I read tarot for one of my friends.
That was thrilling.

And then, I finished drawing of the plaster figure of cupid
Things are going smoothly when I don't mean it.

Construction @ Shibuya
Tokyo is changing.
I'd love you after that, maybe.

Soba is a revival food

There is one thing I forgot to upload in the post of "Togakushi Shraine"
A picture of Soba, please enjoy Togakushi Soba when you visit there.
It's 100% vegetarian, and they are local prodcution.

A new cafe is open in my neighborhood.
The name is 'Kamino-Coffee', in English, it is 'God's Coffee'.

It looks gorgeous doesn't it.

But I haven't been there yet.
I just passed by, will try next time.

Togakushi Shrine

Take a Shinkansen from Tokyo to Nagano, and rent a car to drive to Togakushi Shrine which is about 45 minutes by car from Nagano Station.

If you want to drive from Tokyo, it takes about 2 to 3 hours additional. 

It's not much distance if I use Shinkansen and Nagano is country so it would be easy drive, I thought,
but I broke into into a cold sweat because there were many hairpin curves.  
It was all right after all.
I thought I should more drive often. There are so many nice places in the suburbs, and my driving skill never gets better if I don't use it.
Well, it is all experience.

Gate of Hou-Kou-Sha

The entire mountain is filled with powerful energy.
It is a place of mythology of opening the rock(Amano-Iwato-legend) in the ancient Japan.
When Amaterasu, the sun goddess, hided in the rock cave upsetting with her brother Susanoo's bad behaviors, some gods and goddesses worked together to open the rock.

Togakushi, means 'hiding inside the door`, this shrine worships tho…