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Eigou Kaiki (Eternal Regression)

Dance dance dance..
In the last weekend of the Summer, I participated the parade of Asakusa Samba Carnival. Our team theme is Buddhism. Someone posted on youtube already so I'm sharing it.
I'm in the group of the middle who have fan veils(around 4:10). Compare to samba costumed ladies we didn't get much attention from audience though, it was a memorable moment.

Inga Ouhou (What gose around comes around)

I'd like to use some four-character idiomatic compounds Japanese as a title sometimes. Their English meanings are following.
Today, I picked 因果応報 (In Ga Ou Hou) impulsively,  Because it comes Buddhism spirit,  I am desperate for inner contentment.
My ideal of the daily life is to start with a cup of plain hot water in the morning, do Yoga and meditation, work then socialize or read and write in the afternoon then cook vegetarian meal for a supper and take a hot bath with pinch of salt and read in the bath tub and go to bed before 10 o'clock in the night.
So far, I get only 50%, so compensation is required. 
Inga Ouhou means all facts are results of what you have done. It is a different from Karma, it is called 『業(Gou)』in Japanese. Karma is an action, what you do, say and think. Be careful, thinking is a part of them.
Karma leads result, these happenings are called Inga Ouhou. And Karma is also carried over from past life or created from your intention of life purpose as if it were muscle tr…

Senzai Ichigu (A rare opportunity the chance of a lifetime)

I am on a summer vacation in Okayama for 10 days.
One thing missing is a mobile, I had left it in my apartment room in Tokyo.

Event though I noticed I didn't carry my iPhone 6 just after a few minutes later I    took a taxi, I didn't want to tell to a taxi driver immediatly because I didn't have much time for a flight  and there were basically one ways around my apartment and I had no idea how it would have taken to go back.

So I tried to quickly scan the damages of not having a mobile.
I had Kindle, MacBook, Wifi, schedule and notebook...well maybe it's ok without a phone.

I have spent so much time on the mobile in the regular days.
Not only me, but all friends all people, they are not standing alone but with their mobiles as if they are best friends.

So I thought it would have been a rare opportunity the chance of a lifetime to spend time without it.

Am I making excuse my mistake?
Maybe yes, but somehow it's not a problem so far.

Once I start to face at my MacBook, it&…