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Weekend lunches & Odd eye cat

Pizza @ Seirinkan
Interesting building in Nakameguro, which reminds me of some Jiburi works.
Pizza with root beer is funny?
It's rare to see them so I ordered it.

Happy in MejiroThis shop plays Southern all stars music only as the owner is big fan of them.
'Happy' is name after one of their album titles.
I ordered rice omelet without meat and tomato sherbet.

Both tasted great.

Odd eye cat.
I love to see cats on the streets, but there are a little too much in this neighborhood.
I wonder how they spend night especially when it's raining.

Veggie food report

Vemeet cafe & dining
LENTEZZA Organic @ Nakameguro

They appear ordinary cafe in the trendy city Nakameguro.
By chance, I saw the menu on the street when I was talking a walk.
It said 'soy meat' Meat Loaf, Loco Moco,,
Then I got to know that they were vegetarian restaurant.
They don't describe that way though.

I was only an individual customer, all other people were couples at the beginning.
But later, more single ones came in.

I ordered Veggie Meat Meat Loaf.

1,000 JPY for plate, soup and drink

The music was uptempo ambient.

Bar Sea Guardian

@ Yokohama
I've always wanted to come here.
There is a Japanese song singing of this bar.
The song titled 'Love affair' and the band group name is 'Southern all stars'.
I'm a big fan of them, so.

Jewels that you can eat

I can show you the food, Shining, Shimmering, Splendid..
That's fruit.

Grapes and apples were delivered.
I feel that even these aromas could be effective in health and beauty.

Sapporo Beer Museum

You can enjoy beer tasting set for only 500 JPY (5 USD) at Sapporo Beer Museum in Ebisu.
The last time I came here was 7 years ago which is when I moved into Tokyo.
One of my old friends brought me here.
We both were quite new at this big city, very excited also very ignorant.

Whenever I think back, I want to cuddle little myself.

Veggie food report

Simple Modern Macrobiotic @ Jiyugaoka

Many Macrobiotic restaurants are usually stoic type,
but this place is not.
Very fashionable, delicious and reasonable!

Yes, I drink.

I like healthy lifestyle because it helps me to use my abilities to the full as I'm not a supper woman at all.
I need to fulfill energies by eating properly, exercising and sleeping well.
However, I drink, not often though, it's the only way to social with others for me.
I don't eat regular foods or play golf, instead I like individual activities such as reading, jogging, Yoga and so on.

And also, I'm OK type to alcohol and I do like them.
There are three types of reflections to alcohol for Asian people.
One can drink, one can a little and one can't.
There's some genetic mutation while human spread from Africa.
It's been said that it happen around China, so Japanese people are less to enjoy drinking as we are located at the edge.
Interesting, isn't it.

Veggie food report

Deva Deva Cafe @ Kichijoji

I don't miss meat, but hamburger.
Veggie meat burger and fig cake.
It was a little bit too much, but foods are great.
I like their colorful interior, too.
It makes me cheerful.