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There are several stories about dream.
I'd like to talk about a disturbing dream today.
I had been having disturbing dreams lately.
It happens sometimes even though I don't have much stress in the real life.
It is caused by low wavelength, shoulder stiffness, etc.
When you get scared by something, your upper body get froze.
Opposite way is the same.
When your upper body is tight, your mind get scared and pick up negative thought from deep psyche.

Also disturbing dreams teach me that I need to clean up my room, be positive, smile, kind to others, etc.

Nezu Shrine

Thoughts live long

Our body won't last long, but thoughts stays longer.
It will be a memory of soul and carry over the next life.
It can't be easily change while you are without the body.
So it is important to have positive thoughts while you are in this life.
In Tibet


My friend told me I was crazy when I was planning to go to India in this summer.
Indian joke, there are three seasons in the country, hot, hotter, and hottest.
We could go to Ladakh instead of Rajasthan, where is more north part and its the best season is summer because of high altitude.

Fort Rajwada Hotel (Jaisalmer)

I'd love to go to Ladakh one day, but I just traveled to Tibet in May and Ladakh has more Tibetan culture rather than Indian.
Also I got mountain sickness in Tibet, so I didn't want the same so soon.

I always had a good feeling to Rajasthan.
It's one of origin of bellydancing,
in fact there are great dancing culture in the district.

Anyway, we went to see sunset at Sam Desert.
It wasn't really desert, there are lots of greens.

Our guide said Army planted many trees on desert, and it caused rain, and climate changed.
So they are no longer desert.

Is that true?

Camel Sunset Tour
They suddenly bent front legs to let customers get on and off, which is a little s…

Aura Color

Have you ever thought what your aura color is?
It is mostly like the clothes color suites you well.
Ask your friends what color goes well with you the most.

At Jodhpur

Like rainbow, there are a few or more colors not only one.
And they are changeable though, there should be main color/s.

Remember, the more important thing is how bright it is.
Colors are just individuality. Think positive and kind to others.
It affects to your Aura.

Woman and Typhoon

Typhoon #12 is slowly passing through Japan.
Its effect is to cause hot and humid weather.

I thought Typhoon and Period are alike.
On the way to Delhi

The right before it comes, it gets gloomy.
When it hits, it is storm.
When it's over, it's clear and sunny (hormone influence).


Rajasthan is the largest state in India which is located in North West, next to Pakistan.
Raja means King, Sthan is Place as I recall..
I traveled to India this summer.
It was second time for me.

At Down Town near Jaisalmer Fort