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Temple of Birth

I visited to temple and shrine today for the first time where my parents wished a safe delivery of me many decades ago.

I'm not sure if other countries have the same custom but Japanese people go to shrines when a child is born.

And I was told that the god blessed my birth would watch me for the lifetime.
So I thanked them today.
They have good atmosphere.(All photos are taken at Arawazu Kannonji in Okayama prefecture)


'Kotodama(Japanese)' can be translated into' Sprite of Language' in English.

Salmon Roe
It means that mystical powers dwell in words and names.

Peanut Butter
If you speak out positive thing, it could be real, and if you speak out negative thing,
it would a trigger.
You'll see the mirror at Shinto Shrine sometimes,
which (one of theories) refers 'God lives within you'.

When you don't feel great, look at the mirror saying positive things and cheer yourself up.
It's also 'Kotodama', kind of spells.

Statue of the Goddess of Kannon
These things reminds me of some self-development books, many of which are from the US.

It will cultivate your subconscious awareness, which is stronger than consciousness.
In the end, subconscious awareness steer your life not consciousness.

Christmas Lighting at JR Ebisu station
And the fact that things appeared individuals are actually connected each others.
As if water or air.

Winter Park
Traditions from ancient times are …