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Beaujolais Nouveau

It's a release day of Beaujolais Nouveau.
Beaujolais red wine has became popular in Japan which is the first country to taste every year because of the dateline. The official opening date of the popular wine is fixed as the third Thursday of November.
I had the wine as ritual of harvesting and good luck.

Sleeping Sickness

I find and make spare time and sleep.

A night

When I got back to my station last night, ground was wet and I noticed that it had been raining while I commute.
I didn't have umbrella with me, but the rain had stopped.
I bought a bottle of olive oil at the shop and the shop staff said 'Be careful to bring this back' and I replied 'Thank you'.

I walked back home and took a way that I usually didn't use, I saw many cats sitting on the road there and I got lost for minutes around my neighborhood.
Then I dropped the bottle at near my house.
It was completely broken in the plastic shopping bag.
I kept carrying the bag and soon passed a ringer for the person I know well and who shouldn't be there.

I back to my apartment and was thinking of going shopping again by bike.
Then I listened to the rain dropped, and it became heavy in a moment.


Photos from Katsuura, Chiba prefecture in Japan.
I took them by i phone.


There are many possibilities in your life. You can develop any of them, however you can't stop keeping with them, because there are either 'forward movement' or 'stagnation' in life time. There is no status quo of stagnation due to time limitation.





11:11 11/11/11

It was an instantaneous moment..
And now we are facing at new phase?


Inspiration is In Breath.
Watch your breath,
breath deeply.

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11/11/11 Full Moon

It is a full moon today, a day of celebration and gratitude.

Latcho Drom

'Latcho Drom' is a story about how Roma people traveled from India to Europe.
There are almost no dialogues but dance and music.
It begins with Rajasthan, India.

In Arabic, 'Bellydance' is named 'Raks Sharki' which means 'Dance of East'.
East by Arabian countries is...India! 

It follows the track of music & dance.


This logo is reprint version of Dunhill select shop in Paris.
Dunhill is a British brand but it had a select shop not a branch in France.

I like this emblem, it's not so typical or old look.

What's in the box?

What's in the box? (Answer)

Spiritual enhancement training.
Guess what's in the box.
Something to eat?  Something soft?














It's an accessory, flower motif cross, pink gold color.
Any words link to your answer?

It's not important to have a right answer.
It's more important to use your imagination.

Bellydancing Lessons

I have been taking bellydancing studio lessons around Tokyo.
And recently I also started to watch DVDs at home. They are mostly from the US.
Bellydancing (Arabian dance) was originated in Middle East or India, not the US though, it is surprising how the US screen technology have been contributing to the world.

Also the word of 'Bellydance' was started from the US.

In Arabic countries, people wouldn't understand it but 'Arabian Dance'.

In Japan, the most people would say 'Bellydance' and it became very popular here now. (Number one is Yoga)

I think that the US influence is instrumental to this popularity.

What's in the box?

A spirituality enhancement practice.

Guess what's in the box.

You can feel its texture, shape, color or temperature.

Moon at Loi Krathong Chang Mai

Loi Krathong is a full moon party that held in Thailand.
This photo was taken last year.

I have been to Thai land twice.

Oud Arabic instrument عود

At a bellydance event.
He is a famous Oud player in Japan.
'Oud' is Arabic string instrument.

Sounds example from youtube.

It's very much like autumn.


This is classic sweets called ' Taiyaki'.
Out side is flour and inside is red beans with sugar.
There is never ever fish inside or outside.

Gentle rain

I like rain when I don't have to go out, especially love that rain drops during nights and when I realize it had been raining at the morning.

Ami Child of the Stars

“Really! Everything is love, Peter”
“Then God created the Universe only with love?”
“God ‘created’ is how you picture it. The truth is that this love energy took physical form, as the Universe, and everything in it, stars, clouds, planets, you and me.”
“Then... am I God?”
Ami smiled kindly and said, “A drop of sea water cannot say that it’s the sea, even
though it’s composed of the same substance.
And yes, you are made of the same stuff
- you are Love, but vibrating at a frequency that’s not so high.
Evolution consists in raising the frequency of the vibration.”

“Raising the frequency?”
“Hate is a very low vibration. Love is the highest vibration… Point to yourself.”
“I don’t understand what you mean, Ami.”
“When you say, ‘me,’ where do you point? At what part of your body? Point to
yourself saying, ‘me.’”
I pointed with my finger at the centre of my chest, saying “me.”
“Why didn’t you point to the tip of your nose? Or your forehead? Or your throat?”
I thought it was odd to …


By keep seeing the center black dot, circumjacent pastel-colored circles will go out.

Isn't it like our life.
The center dot is our reality, material world, and the pastel colored circles are spiritual being and support.

Neighbor cats and carving

There are many cats and mystical carvings around my neighborhood, Nakameguro

 Cats playing on sculpture It seems Blogger have changed posting features. I like this bigger field though, don't know how to use this yet.


Ocean cleanse us.
Salt and Water are good way to purify.
Please have a bath with salt everyday and feel that you are been cleansed.


There are several stories about dream.
I'd like to talk about a disturbing dream today.
I had been having disturbing dreams lately.
It happens sometimes even though I don't have much stress in the real life.
It is caused by low wavelength, shoulder stiffness, etc.
When you get scared by something, your upper body get froze.
Opposite way is the same.
When your upper body is tight, your mind get scared and pick up negative thought from deep psyche.

Also disturbing dreams teach me that I need to clean up my room, be positive, smile, kind to others, etc.

Nezu Shrine

Thoughts live long

Our body won't last long, but thoughts stays longer.
It will be a memory of soul and carry over the next life.
It can't be easily change while you are without the body.
So it is important to have positive thoughts while you are in this life.
In Tibet


My friend told me I was crazy when I was planning to go to India in this summer.
Indian joke, there are three seasons in the country, hot, hotter, and hottest.
We could go to Ladakh instead of Rajasthan, where is more north part and its the best season is summer because of high altitude.

Fort Rajwada Hotel (Jaisalmer)

I'd love to go to Ladakh one day, but I just traveled to Tibet in May and Ladakh has more Tibetan culture rather than Indian.
Also I got mountain sickness in Tibet, so I didn't want the same so soon.

I always had a good feeling to Rajasthan.
It's one of origin of bellydancing,
in fact there are great dancing culture in the district.

Anyway, we went to see sunset at Sam Desert.
It wasn't really desert, there are lots of greens.

Our guide said Army planted many trees on desert, and it caused rain, and climate changed.
So they are no longer desert.

Is that true?

Camel Sunset Tour
They suddenly bent front legs to let customers get on and off, which is a little s…

Aura Color

Have you ever thought what your aura color is?
It is mostly like the clothes color suites you well.
Ask your friends what color goes well with you the most.

At Jodhpur

Like rainbow, there are a few or more colors not only one.
And they are changeable though, there should be main color/s.

Remember, the more important thing is how bright it is.
Colors are just individuality. Think positive and kind to others.
It affects to your Aura.

Woman and Typhoon

Typhoon #12 is slowly passing through Japan.
Its effect is to cause hot and humid weather.

I thought Typhoon and Period are alike.
On the way to Delhi

The right before it comes, it gets gloomy.
When it hits, it is storm.
When it's over, it's clear and sunny (hormone influence).


Rajasthan is the largest state in India which is located in North West, next to Pakistan.
Raja means King, Sthan is Place as I recall..
I traveled to India this summer.
It was second time for me.

At Down Town near Jaisalmer Fort