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Drawing Buddha

Drawing Buddha and Writing Sutra at Hase Temple in Kamakura.
I was surprised that this temple was found in AD736.
They open every day and you don't have to book, just go, sit and trace the picture.
It is sort of Meditation.

In the beginning, I thought it was a lot of work.

But we could finish, as if life itself..

Sarasvati; Artistic Goddess

Lovely monumentsLovely?
Nice view of ocean from the Top

Hiking @ Mt. Fuji

Pictures of Mt. Fuji where one of spiritual places in Japan.
You can drive to halfway up the mountain. It's about two hours hiking course from there.Many people like to try climbing up Mt. Fuji. It's a popular way that people spend a night at a cottage and start around 2am to see sun rise at the top, however I have never tried it.

Reinforcement work is under way as mountain slope is sliding down.
I didn't make any effort, instead I just felt autumn there.
It was a clear day after rainy days that took off orange osmanthus petals.

Fujisan with rainbow

Rain cleanses us and brings next season.

Leather Bag Mask Turtle

I wondered if he's got moss on the back.
He moves a lot so I couldn't take a good photo of him by my iphone camera.

Short Sleepers, Long Sleepers

Some people sleep less and some people sleep more.I sleep more than average, otherwise I don't function well.
I have tried to become a short sleeper however it was difficult to me.My friend advises that it is not necessary to be a short sleeper because it is constitutional.
There are two type of people, one who needs long sleep and the other doesn't.
And these two types have different think styles, area of specialties, and action patterns.Long sleepers are tend to be imaginative, creative, nondimensional, individual, and variational.

I think I was a cat in the past life

Edo Sushi Sasaki

Sushi Sasaki @ Ginza
People in Edo started to have Sushi and a restaurant started using fresh fish.
'Edo' means old Tokyo during from the 17th to 19th centuries where used to be a city of Samurai, and Osaka is for merchant at the time.

Uni (Sea urchin)

And NOW, Sushi chef in Osaka cut up a fish from stomach but chef in Tokyo do it from back.
Because Harakiri (commit ritual suicide by disembowelment) is avoidable for Samurai, and Hara wo waru ('Breaking stomach' means heart to heart talk) is high end spirit for merchant.

That's what the chef at Sasaki talked ^^.

SakeEbi (Prawn)Toro (Fatty Tuna)
Anago (Conger)
Uni (Sea urchin)