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Feedback on Seven Sumurai

I watched Seven Sumrai.

It's an excellent film that has many dramas.

I want to say thank to the guy who recommended it and sent the DVD to me by Amazon.

I like the scene that Katsushiro meets to Shino for the first time and
Kanbei finally accepted farmer's offer once he rejected and he goes
'I won't waste your food. '
which line became popular at the time after the movie came out.

I also like when Katsushiro says to Kyuzo,
' I think you are a great person, I've wanted to tell you that.'
Actually Kyuzo is top favorite character in some survey.
My favorite is Katsushiro.
I like Kikuchiyofundoshi (G-string) look, he's really sexy person in that movie.
I knew him only late in his life.

I wondered why one farmer's wife who was taken by Nobushi
was so beautiful. She looked noble person and seemed to have some
important story but died within a minute.

It's classic, but worth watching!

Seven Sumrai

I got a box from Amazon today, which I didn't order.

As soon as I opened the box, I burst out laughing.
There were three DVDs including 'Seven Samurai'.

There is only my name on the invoice though,
I know who sent this.
This guy asked me if I had ever watched that movie by a text message about a week ago.
He's in the US.

I was thinking that Kurosawa movie was too typical and classic so I didn't want to watch it by myself.

Although He strongly recommended me to see that movie, I had no care for it.

I go ' I'm afraid that I'm easy to fall asleep with that kind of movie".
He goes ' You should drink coffee!'.
Like that.

How many Japanese people of my generation have ever watched that movie?

But now I need to focus on this old movie as long as
he made an order to Amazon Japan from the US.

I'll post a comment for this movie later!

Anyway, it was soooo funny to receive this.
Isn't he unique? or is the movie that good?

Lunch @ Jiyugaoka

I went out for Saturday lunch in Jiyugaoka which is one of fancy places in Tokyo.

My friend is so resourceful when it comes to eating so I just follow her whenever we meet up.


We went to Lobros for lunch and I had a french toast with blue berry & cream cheese plate.

By the way , the note which placed out side of the door was a little funny, so I took that picture, as well.
'No buggies more than three.'

We saw many small kids with their mothers in this restaurant.
It's a little different scene from the central Tokyo such as Omotesando or Yurakucho.
This is more residential district but for a very rich family!

Then we were heading to a cake shop named 'Mont St Clair' which is often seen in TV, according to my friend, and we bought some peace of cakes. We couldn't get seats there because of a white day.

It is an event relates Valentin's day in Japan.

Women give chocolates to men on Valentin's day and men give something back…

Early Spring in Kamakura

Some spring scenes in Kamakura.

We had lunch @ some lovely Vietnamese cafe restaurant which is near Kamakura Station.

I ordered 'Pad Thai', I LOVE Coriander!

Plum in full bloom.

A Kamakura Walking Video.

Colorful Ksitigarbhas.

I wanted to visit here called Kiridoushi.