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A Rambling Post on the Second Last Day of 2015

Somehow it feels refreshing at the end of the year in Japan. Ever office, shop and people take a holiday and spend time with families. All houses are get ready to welcome a new year god to the houses by cleaning them up. And people buy groceries at the super markets like hibernating throughout winter.
I bought a lot of books on Kindle. They have gotten more collections these days than they used to be.
I read Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens on Christmas, admired Fred that he is always cheerful and never been untruth to Scrooge.
Tree lights at Roppongi
BB-8 is our new hero
I watched Star wars episode VII on the Christmas too. 

Just baked cake in the oven
 And baked tube cakes a few times.

 A packages of rice cake stuffed with bean jam
One thing good about getting age is to appreciate how beautiful nature of a spirit of service is. Moreover we can turn inwards and examine ourselves.

Light and shadow

Christmas is coming soon. It is as a closing day of the year. What you have been working, What you have been taking care the most, they would become materialized on the day.
Mr. Fuji from Gotenba

Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man (1962)

Gold and silver Earings

Lights in the night

You see, man made the car to take us over the road
Man made the train to carry the heavy load
Man made the electric light to take us out of the dark
Man made the boat for the water like Noah made The Ark
This is a man's, man's, man's world
But it would be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl

James Brown-It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World

'Mata-hara' sounds like Sanskrit
but it is short term for Maternity harassment in Japanese.

It is often said that high educated women give up their careers to look after kids at home.
People work long hours in the office and we have a considerable shortage of day care centers.
Even If you could leave kids at day care, the parents have to pick up kids when they become feverish,
and it is usually mother's role.
Many mothers choose working with a reduced schedule, at home or leaving the company.

Street lights in the night @ Nakameguro

On the other hand,
there are women who work hard without getting married or even dating.

I hav…