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Jazz and citrus tea

The time required for someone,  to listen to Jazz, to appreciate paintings, and to write something not die without it but life will be no meaning without them.
Time is getting shorter and shorter. Do you realize that? It's not because you are getting older, it is actually accelerated. There are more young looking person these days? I'd rather to say that they are younger than their ages.
I'm kidding, but it might be true.
What do you believe then? You can trust even a clock. (I don't trust TV or papers for 100%)
Hear is a solution. Care for your body, clean up your space and clear your mind.
If you keep doing so, you will be able to distinguish between truth and false, necessary and unnecessary, correct and incorrect.

Moomin cake
Working on drawing a cafe
more shaded
A picture from Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood exhibition