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Ana Hachiman Gu

'Shinto‘ is a folk belief since ancient times in Japan. 
'Shin' refers 'God, spirits or divine' and 'to' is 'way'.
It had presented in this country before Buddhism entered.
The idea of Shinto is to worship natures, the mountains, the sea, the river, the trees and plants to stone as well as ancestor or people who passed away.

They usually have a gate as the picture. 
It separates the sacred area from this world.

'Ana Hachiman Gu' is one of shrines that is enshrined in the city of Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.

Now days, people go to Shrine not to worship but seek a divine favor.
This shrine is famous for economic fortune.
They sell an amulet to put on the wall that gives a good luck in business.
However there are some rules to use the amulet, they are sold between 22 Dec until 3 Feb and there are only three days to put on the wall, 22 Dec(winter solstice), 31 Jan(new year) and 3 Feb (traditional end of winter).
Also orientation where put is determined in each year.

I visited there this morning, the idea of going there came up suddenly.
There was long line to get the amulet. I forgot to take the picture of it.

Ana Hachiman Gu


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Folding Keyboard Ryudo

Today is Aquarius new moon.
Write down 10 wishes on the paper or note.
Handwriting is key.

This is folding keyboard, the maker is Ryudo. I was interested, but hadn't had long years. Because I have laptop. But we don't bring computers daily, do we?
So I started to think, if I had that, I might write more often... Before buying it, I investigated which keyboard was the best as there were so many kinds.
First of all, It has to be light, otherwise, it will stay at home.
And thought of the place where I mostly would use... it would be on a train, not a cafe as I commute long hours every day.
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There is one thing I forgot to upload in the post of "Togakushi Shraine"
A picture of Soba, please enjoy Togakushi Soba when you visit there.
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A new cafe is open in my neighborhood.
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It looks gorgeous doesn't it.

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