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Sora (Sky) ga (is) Kirei(Beautiful)

It was windy day, which was a collaboration of typhoon and rainy season front.
I enjoyed clouds were so big and changed their shapes quickly.

I've been anxious, easy to depress or angry after the earth quake.
However there seems a sign of recovery.

My worries come from inside of myself.
And only I can change them into other factors.

Photo at Meguro riverSoon it's getting dark and ....


~Chow Wo Man~ said…
we don't hear much or see pictures about the areas affected anymore. the media only seems to emphasize sensational things then just drops them and goes on to something else. I would love to see more stories of how people are coping, and recovering.

glad you are still writing and taking pictures :-)
momo said…
Mark, thanks.
I just saw TV (NHK) documents that elementary school kids write essay about 3.11.
Some of kids don't want to face it yet, but some of them want to challenge it.
One boy wrote that he met a huge tidal wave when he was with his mother to pick up his little sister.
Someone shouted 'Get up!', so he climbed the steps of the building.
Soon after the wave came over.
From there, he was watching that someone was swimming for a little while, but he/she drowned.
This boy doesn't describe his feeling at all, but write what he had seen. He's father died from the Tsunami thought, he only said 'I want to be a base ball player as dad was.'
What experience they have been through.
I wish them strength and gods blessing.

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Folding Keyboard Ryudo

Today is Aquarius new moon.
Write down 10 wishes on the paper or note.
Handwriting is key.

This is folding keyboard, the maker is Ryudo. I was interested, but hadn't had long years. Because I have laptop. But we don't bring computers daily, do we?
So I started to think, if I had that, I might write more often... Before buying it, I investigated which keyboard was the best as there were so many kinds.
First of all, It has to be light, otherwise, it will stay at home.
And thought of the place where I mostly would use... it would be on a train, not a cafe as I commute long hours every day.
So it has to be small and quiet.  I don't want to bother others.
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If you want to drive from Tokyo, it takes about 2 to 3 hours additional. 

It's not much distance if I use Shinkansen and Nagano is country so it would be easy drive, I thought,
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It was all right after all.
I thought I should more drive often. There are so many nice places in the suburbs, and my driving skill never gets better if I don't use it.
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Fortunately had a long weekend again.
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This is very nice, thank to a holiday god.

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There is clearly distinct between Japanese and Indian curry. But not worry, we love both. Both are popular.
This is Japanese curry, however not usual one. It a vegetarian with avocado topping and rice is type of mixture of 16 different kinds of cereals, which is popular by health conscious person.
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My teacher says not start with a skin color on white paper.
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