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Blackout Threatened

It's very cold day.
The consumption of electricity has been increasing due to heating.

There's rolling blackouts due to electricity shortages caused from Fukushima nuclear power plant accident.

TEPCO, Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc., divided Kanto region into five groups and have been carrying out stop electric power for a few hours in order.

Plan was not informed in advance, which gave people confusion.
During blackout, traffic light is out of service, there was a fatal traffic accident due to that.

My friend took a photo of drinking scene under candlelight

At the office, there was an emergency company broadcast at 4:30 pm today.

They said 'There might be unpredictable huge blackouts tonight due to lack of supply of electricity according to METI.

There will be chance of confusion of transportation therefore go home immediately'.

Trains in Tokyo running every few minutes so accurately, and if there's any unusual things such as blackout, it will be a serious confusion.

I switched off the computer soon after I heard the announce and grabbed a coat and headed to the station in hurry.

I sent email and call friends to let them know the news while I walked.

They took my advise and left the office too.
Thank to the announcement, we could go home smoothly. The soon later, commuter rush started.

Information is so important.

We exchange many information after the earth quakes.
We talk to people whom we usually don't, which is a good thing. We cooperate when we are in trouble.

I returned to my station and shopped at the supermarket.

They were also about to close earlier than regular day.

I bought bread and banana. That was first time to see them at the shop after the disaster.

I couldn't get egg or natto, they were all gone, not even toilet paper.

On the way back, I dropped at courier office to get a mail, there were also crowded.
I heard the employees repeated they couldn't insure delivery date.

Customers (mostly elderly people) seemed not kept up on current events nor the tense atmosphere throughout Japan!

There are two difficulties that prevent us from getting back to normal operation. TEPCO issue and stronger yen.

Aren't they man-made disasters?


~Chow Wo Man~ said…
I know your country will persevere, everybody with a heart is trying to help as much as they can. Here in the US we are very happy to come help with people [I wish I could] and send money for supplies. God bless you.
momo said…
Mark, Thank you for your kind words.

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