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I'm thinking of taking Reiki sessions, hopefully in this summer.
Because I just got to know that it worked as a barrier from other persons negative energies.
I thought it couldn't help receiving them unless I stop caring of others.
But since I set my goals, one of which is that I'd like to make the world better place by giving my attentions towards people.

I was protecting myself from these negative energies by meditations and power stones but never had an idea about Reiki.
But just yesterday, one lady told me how efficient it is.
And further I study, the more I'm interested.
Those ideas may appear erratic though I thought you could understand.


~Chow Wo Man~ said…
not erratic.

thoughtful. informative.
well intentioned...

more probably.

just want to say hi, and Reiki heals through the palms right?

i enjoy your writings. it must be a struggle to change your natural japanese understanding of life into english words.

- ^~'~'~^
momo said…
Thank you for your comment.
It's very considerate of you.
Yes, it's not very easy.
The thing is that I'm still learning those things that I want to write.
However I'll have a long holiday soon next week so will search and write a little more.
~Chow Wo Man~ said…
well just know that at least there is me who appreciates what you do, which is show a western born man the other side of the world.

because although we all might look different and speak different languages we are all the same humans so I enjoy so much friends like you who show me a little bit of the world in which you live

thank you for what you do


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