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How to pray at Shrine

What is the difference between shrines and temples?
Put simply, shrines represent the gods and temples represent Buddha.

How to pray at Shrine

First, bow deeply twice.
Next, put your hands together and clap twice.
With your hands together, thank the god of the shrine and make wish.
Lastly, bow deeply again.

It's more polite to bow at the gate.
Also it's important to say your name and address in front of Gods so that they could recognize you.
Please remind that the center of the approach is for the god, you'd better to walk besides.
(However this is no a rule, and many Japanese people don't know this.)

Noodle with a lot of seaweeds @ Sugita Nakameguro Tokyo


~Chow Wo Man~ said…
don't you think it's kind of sad that people need instructions how to act at a temple.

that food looks soooooo good!

it is very interesting to me that the pole of concrete has handles or something on it...hmmm...nothing like that here in this country...hmmm...

Momo I love your stuff!

thanks so much!

my daughter only 15 so much like me is after midnight outside looking for meteor showers.

God there is hope for us all
momo said…
Did you see meteor showers?
I gave up them as I needed to wake up early next morning.

I think it's good to have instructions at the Shrine so that people don't have to make misunderstandings. On the contrary
it's generous attitude, don't you think?

They don't mention about throwing coin or bill parts. It's very friendly note for new comers.
~Chow Wo Man~ said…
No, but I used to watch meteor showers when I lived in New Mexico. The skies there are more beautiful than here in California.

I suppose you are right for strangers visiting it would be helpful to have some instructions
momo said…
Thanks for the comment.
I'm tend to forget about this site when work starts..

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