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A pair of Buddhas

I got this pottery figurine of Buddha from a friend of mine, which are a pair of Buddhas that he had owned for himself. He gave one of them to me as a gift recently.
And I like this very much, but at the same time, I worry to have this in my room as I'm a bit superstition person.

Usually human figure is no good, especially if someone owned it once, you shouldn't take over it.
Because it contains previous person's fortunes etc.
I consulted my fortuneteller, she suggested I should definitely throw it away when I move out from current place.

So I'm thinking of telling this to my friend who gave me that Buddha honestly,
because it's a pair thing.

But I'm concern if it sounds offensive to him.
Because I really appreciate that gift.
If possible I want to own it for long time.

I don't know how much you are religious, but what is the best option?

1) Hold the Buddha without caring.
2) Tell him what I told here and consult whether I throw it away or give it back to him.
3) Throw it away without telling him.
4) Bring it back to my home and put it in a storage.


Joe Hotcuppa said…
My opinion:
Honesty is always best.
And, in being honest, you might
find out something new about
your friend.
neco chan said…
Hehe, thanks for the comment, joe.
Your answer was my original idea.
But after discussion with my Chinese friend, I decided not to tell him and keep the Buddha. My American friend says Japanese people need to be less afraid of disorder, though.
I guess those different ideas bring variety of cultures in each countries.
Joe Hotcuppa said…
Yes, of course my opinion came
from my own cultural background.
I can't pretend to understand
all the cultural nuances of
yours or anyone else's culture.
And, of course, within one's own
culture there are many, many
subcultures which just
complicates doing the right thing
even more :-(
~Chow Wo Man~ said…
Isn't there some kind of way to disassociate the former spirits away from the figure?

I mean it would be a shame to throw a perfectly good figurine away right?

I hope I can be your American friend.


[never enough wine]
neco chan said…
Hi Mark
Yes, you are my American friend : )
I decided to keep that Buddha, he looks so unique.

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