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Asian thoughts

At lunch time, I went out with my company friends, one is French who married an European woman and the other guy who’s from Singapore and is still single. Three of us are about the same age, those two guys are the same year born.

The French guy asked the Singaporean if he was going to get marry and he wanted to have own kids.

The Asian guy answered “Not in this life”.

It’s not surprising to me, I know many guys who have the   same idea,
but I liked the way of he talks, “Not in this life” it was said as if there was another life time from the same person, which is called reincarnation, very Buddhism, and very Asian.

It was the coolest answer to this kind of question, don't you think?

1974 produced wine at some weekend home party.

お昼に会社の同僚、一人はフランス人でもう一人はシンガポール人と3人でランチに行ったときの事。 フランス人はヨーロッパ人の奥さんが居て、シンガポール人はまだ独身です。 3人とも同じぐらいの年で、彼たちは同じ年です。 フランス人がシンガポール人に「結婚しないの?自分の子供はほしくないの?」 と聞いたら彼は「現世ではない。」と返事。 同じような意見を持っている男の人はたくさん居るので別に驚いたりしないけど、 返事の仕方が洒落てる。「現世ではない。」と言う事は来世を信じている、と言う事なんですよね、きっと。 つまり輪廻転生、とても仏教的だし、アジア的な発想だと、私は一人で感動してしまいました。 この手の質問に対して、なかなかいい返事じゃないでしょうか^^。


Joe Hotcuppa said…
Actually, it's not Asian at
all. I've heard this expression
all my life. Westerners, at
least the ones who are
religious, believe in this life
and also an after-life. Just as
a check I searched and found
the phrase used in some old
texts on religion.
neco chan said…
Thanks, joe hotcuppa!
What religion are they?
Joe Hotcuppa said…
There are a number of sayings
related to the afterlife I think.
neco chan said…
I see... they don't believe in heaven, then?
Joe Hotcuppa said…
Yes, that's the so-called
afterlife - Heaven or Hell.
neco chan said…
OK,it's a little different then.
The Buddhism believe in reincarnation which means you reborn as a different person, animal, insect or so on.
They would have totally different life than they used to have. The bug you are trying to smash might be your mother in previous life.
So no killing is key in Buddhism teaching.
However my question is that ending up her insect life is really wrongdoing as her child?
Joe Hotcuppa said…
That would be a question for
an expert in Buddhism.
I found this little thing
on reincarnation though.
~Chow Wo Man~ said…
I've had my kids in this life. Next life works for me too maybe!

Now back to my green tea.
neco chan said…
Thanks for the comment, Chow Wo Man!
Yes, I understand that, I never met a guy who regret having kids. That's great!

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